UNTAME YOUR HEART VIP Retreat with Julia

$ 3,500.00
  • UNTAME YOUR HEART VIP Retreat with Julia

UNTAME YOUR HEART VIP Retreat with Julia

$ 3,500.00

This retreat is more than just time working on your business; it’s a stepping stone to greater confidence and success with anything you create. It's about making sure that when you step forward, you do so with an open heart full of energy and you create your business from the place of ‘no fears or limitations’

My work is all about SHIFTING ENERGY, creating a higher level of awareness & elevating consciousness.


We'll dive deep into:

Personal energy expansion. Creating clarity.

Aligning your business with the core of who you are,

Transforming your purpose into something both tangible and powerful.

As we journey together, we'll let the energies that need shifting come forth naturally, guiding our strategy development.

This retreat is about embracing the unexpected—allowing room for surprises that enrich our path.

You'll leave with concrete steps that will take you towards giving birth to your business and manifest your vision into reality.

Whats Included:

- We will spend together about 2.5 days.

- Accommodations: 3 nights in a private room and a personal bathroom at my home.

- Meals: High-frequency vegan food designed to support your energy work.

'Untame Your Heart’ VIP Retreat, held at my home.

This unique environment acts as a portal, creating a nurturing space that supports and amplifies our work.

By design an ‘Unscripted’ experience, this retreat will allow us to go deeper into drafting the Map of your business and developing 'Energy First' creative strategies that are uniquely aligned with your essence.

Magic happens as we connect!

"One of my Gifts is to See the Potential & Translate Energetic Vibration into Words.  When people step into my Energy Field they know, the Energy will Shift & Expand."