Energy Magic Session with Julia

Hi! I am Julia,  

An Entrepreneur, Artist, the Founder of Untamed Hearts, and an Energy Intuitive.

  My work is all about SHIFTING ENERGY, creating A higher level of awareness & elevating consciousness

I can’t tell you how many people, during the Untamed Hearts live events, asked me to read their energy, coach them and to channel messages. 

They became not only Untamed Hearts customers who are wearing & using jewelry pieces as their Energy Touch Stones, but also a private clients who I work with 1x1 helping them to expand, heal and create from the place of “No Fears or Limitations”.

That's why I am now making myself available for private sessions. 

When people step into my Energy Field they know, the Energy will Shift & Expand.

 Sessions with me are unscripted, guided by the highly attuned intuitions they are uniquely channeled for the person in front of me. I’ve been working with people / business owners 1:1 helping them to get the clarity on what wants to be shifted in their lives & businesses.

One of my Gifts is to See the Potential & Translate Energetic Vibration into Words.

You will experience an opening, an expanded awareness about you as a BEING, clarity about what are the next best steps to take, conversations to have and focused vision on things you want to create next.

Energy Magic Session with Julia is about:

  Creating new awareness.

  Shifting your Energy into a higher frequency.

  Allowing the energy that wants to be shifted to reveal itself.

          •   And, you will have an experience of what it’s like to wok with me :)
          •   Magic happens as we connect!
          •   We will spend together about 90 minute.
          •   BONUS: After the session you will receive a necklace with custom engraved ENERGY WORD that represents YOUR INTENTION.  





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I would love to know more about your training. Are you rapping into spiritual guides that you have made connections with? Thank you for time.

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