ENERGY MAGIC Session with Julia

$ 420.00
  • ENERGY MAGIC Session with Julia

ENERGY MAGIC Session with Julia

$ 420.00

My work is all about SHIFTING ENERGY, creating a higher level of awareness & elevating consciousness.


  Creating new awareness.

  Shifting your Energy into a higher frequency.

  Allowing the energy that wants to be shifted to reveal itself.

And, you will have an experience of what it’s like to wok with me :)
Magic happens as we connect!
We will spend together about 90 minute.

  BONUS: After the session you will receive a necklace with custom engraved ENERGY WORD that represents YOUR INTENTION (see pictures for some examples)

"One of my Gifts is to See the Potential & Translate Energetic Vibration into Words.  When people step into my Energy Field they know, the Energy will Shift & Expand."