DAY 4 / Messages From The Universe Project. Dedicating today's reading to all the people all over the world who need healing.

Hello everybody and welcome!

if you're watching this video you're part of the Daily Messages From The Universe Project.

Today is DAY 8 /  March 30th 2020

My name is Julia Bernadsky, I am the founder of Untamed Hearts.

I would like to dedicate today's reading to all the people all over the world who need healing people who are close to us and people who are far from us. People that we don't even know. Let's take this energy and send it out all over the world.

Are you ready?

Let's see what we need to hear today as always I would like to exhale all the negative things all the negative thoughts, exhale all worries noise exhale it all out… And let's receive the message...

We got the same as before!!!

It is the most powerful one:

"Choose to Learn Through LOVE with the Grace and Ease."

Right now as a humanity we are learning through a lot of chaos through a lot of pain we are learning to be better human beings so we need to learn this lesson whatever it is for us to Learn right now.

For me one of the biggest things is ONENESS & TOGETHERNESS. We are ALL in it TOGETHER!

And once we're done learning what this virus is here to teach us We can just release it... go back to the Creator Light.

We got it we got it we can release this virus from teaching as the lesson Thank You Universe it's a huge one and thank you for repeating it so that we can really hear it.

Thank you all so much for being here with me, for supporting this project.

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Most importantly be SAFE be HEALTHY Take care of everything keep the six feet distance, do the hand-washing, stay home, do everything that you need to do…

And remember - there's much more good in the world than all of that other negative stuff...


Sending you LOVE from all my heart ❤️ Julia


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