DAY 4 / Messages From The Universe / Choose Compassion.

Video Transcript:

Hello everybody & Welcome!

If you are watching this video you're part of the project Messages From the Universe. We're gonna do it for 60 days.

We will pull a card from a Card Deck.

There are 50 cards with 50 messages that are channelled specially to receive the guidance from the Universe.

It's all about shifting the energy to help people to be stronger and to be happier and to be able to connect to the energy of certainty during these testing times.

My name is Julia Bernadsky I'm the founder of Untamed Hearts I'm going to be the person who is going to pull the message for all of us. So, be with me and let's think about "what do we need to hear today"...


Oh my god! I love it!

Yes! Choose Compassion for all living beings Choose Compassion for them and Choose Compassion for YOU.

Actually, Choose Compassion is a very special project that is created by Untamed Hearts and it's a project to speak on behalf of those who don't have the voice, or the voice or those who whose voice we cannot hear.

But we need to Choose Compassion for yourself first. Because until you Choose Compassion for YOU,

you will not be able to extend it to anybody else.

This is a beautiful card!

I am grateful for this message today!

We all need some of that, or should I say "a lot of that" beautiful message... So so grateful universe, thank you!

I'm totally embracing it, and today, I'm going to Choose Compassion.

Be happy be safe take care of yourself.

And, also see if there's anybody around you who might need your help if there's anybody around you who needs a little bit more compassion today.

Or maybe somebody needs food... If it’s an elderly people and they cannot go to the supermarket by themselves.

Please, just be aware of people around you as much as you can. Of course Keeping the #socialdistancing six feet apart.

I'm sending you lots of love mixed with pink juice of compassion.

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This way we know you're listening. Thank you everybody...

With love, Julia


Credit:  Julia Is wearing CIRCUITRY NECKLACE. Find it here >


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