DAY 1 / Daily Message From The Universe ™ / What do We Need to Hear Today?

Messages From The Universe™ Card Deck is design to help you elevate energy vibration and receive guidance from the highest source in the highest and the best way 🤍🙏

What do We Need to hear today?

Pull a Card and receive a Message From The Universe ™

This is a free daily Message From The Universe™ connection started on March 24, 2020 at 1pm ET.

We got 3 messages today!:

"Choose HAPPY!"

"You Can Never Loose A Thing If It Belongs to YOU"

"Take Time For LOVE"

Abbey Lincoln: Throw It Away song: I'll be pulling the Card meditating to receive a message we ALL need to hear today. It is created to shift energy and elevate our consciousness during these testing times.

Messages From The Universe™ Card Deck is create by Julia Bernadsky the founder of Untamed Hearts.

The inspiration behind this work is to help people to stay balanced, feel protected and releasing anxiety during difficult times.

It's so important for me to have your back right now.

From Julia Bernadsky:

"Daily Messages From the Universe created to help you shift the energy, elevate consciousness and awareness. I am called to help people stay strong, brave and certain during these testing times. Certainty is more important right now than ever before. I believe that Certainty is an antidote to the C-Virus"

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