The Flow Necklace

$ 156.00
  • The Flow Necklace

The Flow Necklace

$ 156.00

Inspiration:   It is when we are aligned with our purpose, the universe conspires to help us succeed & move forward. At that moment everything starts to flow. Right people show up in our lives, you walk into situations that becomes a life changing one, things just start to happen... It's the biggest gift to have a connection with the creator/universe/ the light / the god / yourself - whatever you call that source of infinite goodness in life.

When we are aligned with what is ours to do in this life, we simply start to Flow.
I wish everyone to live their lives "in The Flow" 🙌❤️

Limited Edition Necklace *Beautiful & Meaningful * Powerful amulets that are infused with Love & (+) Energy .

Stylist Advice:  Ultimate Stage Necklace. Great for speakers, transformational leaders or anyone who could appreciate its beautiful form. This piece is so easy to wear with any color. It looks so beautiful on the screen or on stage.

You can wear it with your favorite dress for a night out or with your torn jeans. Either way get ready for compliments!

Fit: This lightweight bold necklace beautifully shapes around the neckline. An adjustable length ranges between 14-22”.

Materials:  Crafted from high quality antiallergic zinc alloy and plated with thick coat high grade silver. Welded and polished by hand. As a result, it looks and behaves just like a pure silver.

Note: Each piece is one of a kind and could very slightly. Imperfections of the metal are part of the design. Industrial Chic is how I coudl best describe this style.