Black Turmaline Long Necklace

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  • Black Turmaline Long Necklace

Black Turmaline Long Necklace

Sold out

Love this beautiful Black Tourmaline Long Necklace with Unconditional Love engraved Coin and a red string from the land of Israel that represents Unity and Peace that we so need in the world and inside each one of us 🙏♥️

So powerful. 

Tourmaline is great for keeping emotions and energies that don’t belong to you away. 

It’s not about separating yourself from people, it is about having healthy boundaries and being well taken care of so you are able to do the work that is yours to do 🙏♥️

It is about honoring your own energy. 

It is about protection self care! 


How to choose your Crystals: 

Turn off your logic.

Let it go.

Allow the Crystal to choose you 

You will know once you are chosen ♥️

“Make no mistake, They choose Us”


Limited Edition Crystal Necklace

*Beautiful & Meaningful * Powerful amulets that are infused with Love & (+) Energy 

Our Crystals are very special. They are all  hand picked, activated, awakened and are high-vibration. Their purpose to elevate vibration 🙏♥️

Available at the live events or contact for private shopping experience .