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Magical Manifesters - Erin Stutland

Take a step forward today

Less Hustle. More Flow.


Better yet, imagine feeling fulfilled even before it happens.

Maybe you know you want more from your life, but you’re not EXACTLY sure what it is, so you don’t do anything at all.

Or, you DO know what you want but can’t figure out the practical steps to make it happen.

Maybe you get overwhelmed by all the directions you could go and get stuck in analysis paralysis.

It’s possible you start moving toward your goals with loads of enthusiasm but suffer from stoppy-starty syndrome and never get to the end.

Or, perhaps you’ve written your affirmations, meditated, read all the self-help books and followed the standard advice to overcome self-doubt, yet you still struggle to make all the paths of well-being merge into one singular cohesive mission.

You feel like you need a plan of action—and one that you can follow and feel excited about!

You are not alone, and it’s not your fault.

We aren’t taught how to let ourselves dream big and then create concrete plans we can act on that are in alignment with our truest selves!

Psst: Just between you + me:
The life you want is closer than you think …and the journey to get there can be easy and fun!

Getting what you want doesn’t need to feel like a grind. You don’t have to have it all figured out to get started. Perfectionism can be a thing of your past.

Do you know what your ideal life requires?

You, showing up for YOU.


Magical Manifesters LIVE is a 4-week live course that combines a unique method of goal setting, creativity, and connection to self. It will help you get clear on your vision and then create a plan to make it happen with less hustle and more flow.

Take a step forward with me. Imagine a life where:

  • You have a clear plan of how to get to where you want to be and always know the next step.
  • The path you’re on feels invigorating, inspiring, and in alignment with your values.
  • You grow a sustainable business, elevate an existing business, or amp up a creative career using your current resources. (You don’t need more time or money to do this!)
  • You collaborate with people, clients, and other professionals who absolutely light you up.
  • You have a wealth of physical and mental energy.
  • You’re armed with an arsenal of healthy ways to create consistent momentum.
  • You feel resilient and confident in your mind and body even when set-backs occur.
  • You finally start AND finish a project or endeavour that you started but lost momentum on.
  • You deepen your love for yourself and in your personal relationships.
  • You finally are living a life you feel you are meant to live!

Yes, it all begins with knowing what you want and then creating a plan. But this plan does what most coaching programs, books, and general goal setting advice don’t:

It takes your whole being into account. And leaves room for magic.

Consider this your personal invite to move from stuck, negative energy to positive, inspiring motion in your life!

I would definitely recommend Magical Manifesters to anyone looking to shake things up and look at their life with fresh eyes.

Erin rocks because she’s authentic, energetic, and passionate. Most importantly, she practices what she preaches. The course inspired me to remember all the things I’m passionate about.

Caissie Levy

I am so grateful to Erin and this course for waking me from a deep slumber!

I did not know what was blocking me, but MM forced me to take a good hard look at what was standing in my way—and instead of blaming external forces, I realized that I was the only one standing in my way.

Magical Manifesters ended up jumpstarting dreams and desires I didn’t even realize I had.

My time management skills have improved drastically, I have clear cut tasks toward achieving my goals, and also a burning desire to succeed has returned.

And, I am SO much more productive! I would recommend this course to others in a heartbeat. In fact, take it twice!

Brittany Lynn Kriger

Over 12 years ago, I had been breaking through in the acting world, but felt I wanted more from my life. But, I left stuck.

I had been experimenting with the combination of workouts, self development and spirituality. The changes I saw from these experiments in myself and my students amazed me. From a dramatic increase in happiness and satisfaction to a significant decrease in self-doubt and anxiety—we were hooked.

But everyone, including myself, wanted an exciting plan for our dreams. I left the workout studio to create a road map for myself and others that would allow us to understand our core values, create a vision for our lives, and then make it happen. Hence, Magical Manifesters was born.

I’ve now been fortunate to bring this unique blend of coaching, creativity, dreaming, and planning to people like you all over the world. Not to mention, I manifested a husband, a TV show, and a best-selling book!

It’s not about just doing, doing, doing; it’s about creating magic. It’s about tuning into your truest self and going for it—whatever IT is for you.

You might think your goal is out of reach—Meet my soulmate! Feel confident in my body! Land my dream job!—but through the power of Magical Manifesters, you’ll learn that no dream is too big when you strengthen and trust the power of your most valuable tool, YOU!

The best person to help you design the life you want is YOU. And here in Magical Manifesters, I’ll not only show you how… I’ll be right there with you, empowering you to make it happen.

What Magical Manifesters Includes

4 Weekly Live Classes with Erin

Each week, a small, intimate group of us will meet LIVE. (Virtually, of course.) You’ll have me right in your living room. Something powerful happens when we gather and do the work together. Our trainings will be 2 hours long, and I will walk you through carefully selected, unique practices in which you will get connected to dreams and create an amazing plan for yourself that will be easy to follow. You will have time to share and ask questions each week. This is the closest thing to having me as your private coach.

In between our sessions, you will spend time completing short (easy to follow!) assignments that are laid out for you.

Live classes will be on the following days:
Tuesday, Oct. 19 @6:30pm ET
Tuesday, Oct. 26 @6:30pm ET
Tuesday, Nov. 2 @6:30pm ET
Tuesday, Nov. 9 @6:30pm ET

If you are unable to make it for a class, NO BIG DEAL! All classes will be recorded and available for download the day after class.

Digital Journal

Use the pages of this journal to follow along with the written exercises, organize your work and keep track of
your progress.

Weekly Movement +
Meditation practices

We want to keep the energy and the vibes high throughout our time together. Moving and meditation are some of the best ways to do that. You will be given access to weekly downloadable workouts and meditations to have at your fingertips, that you can do in your own time and at your own pace. These will be yours to download and keep.

1 Bonus Q + A call

After the 4 week course work concludes, you will likely have further questions about your specific path. We will gather as a group, where you will have an opportunity to ask and hear other peoples questions. I find that we often learn even more from hearing solutions to other people’s questions and struggles than from our own.

Private Community

You will be invited to share your work and your progress in a private FB group to receive additional support and encouragement from myself and your community.

What You Will Learn

Trust me when I say, you have all that you need right now! You may think you don’t have enough time, talent, ideas, money, or resources, but this is simply not true. By standing in what you have and staying open to receiving more, you are going to find the plan we make flows like a river.

Magical Manifesters helps you bring all you are to the process, including the things you may not yet be aware are holding you back. We are going to uncover any blocks and clear them out.

But, the magic really happens when we take consistent action. Even itty bitty baby steps count! (Oh, and don’t worry about being afraid! This is totally acceptable in my book! Ya just have to learn to work with it!)

Get Ready To

Dig for Gold: Find any and all uncovered desires that are longing to see the light of day.

Create an actionable plan: Breathe a sigh of relief knowing exactly what to do for the next 3/6/9/12 months to get what you want.

Gain the skills to stay focused no matter what distractions or obstacles come your way. Say goodbye STOPPY-STARTY syndrome, perfectionism, and analysis paralysis.

Learn to declutter your time, attention, and energy: Get comfortable saying NO to some things so you can say YES to what’s important.

Identify your way of working to capitalize on your natural rhythms and stop apologizing for the way you work.

Kick your destructive habits to the curb: Say goodbye to getting ¾ of the way toward your goal and then stopping. Working from within, we will take little tiny steps to change this.

Master prioritization to always know where to start, what to do next, and how to move through your to-dos at lightning speed.

Level-up your productivity: Discover, implement, and practice time management strategies you can use every day to get more done. We’ll make it easy to amp up your productivity.

Seize support so that you KNOW what your most valuable resources are (people, places, things and attitudes) and how to use the heck out of them.

I am here to teach you how to do ALL of this and actually
ENJOY the journey with less hustle and more flow.


Magical Manifesters will take you on a unique, exciting journey that will energize and invigorate your mind, body, and spirit.

Week 1: The Port of Possibility

  • Identify what needs letting go and what obstacles are holding you back.
  • Begin to dream big, explore your edges, and get silly, outrageous, and ultimately MORE clear.
  • Narrow in on where you want to place your attention over the next several months.
  • Dive in with some game-changing productivity tools.

Week 2: Defining Your Destination

  • Identify more precisely how you will be spending your time in the next few months.
  • Name the projects that excite you and will fuel longer-term objectives.
  • Understand how fear plays a role in your life.
  • Identify your preferences when it comes to working, creating, and even exercising.

Week 3: Your Island of Riches

  • Start making your blueprint, your plan of action.
  • Identify all the actions you have to take, how long each action will take, and when you will take them.
  • Name the resources you will need to accomplish what you want.
  • Understand who you will need to be in order to accomplish your goal and create actions to become it—now.

Week 4: A Place You Call Home

  • Keep carving the path with action steps and resources.
  • Learn the #1 way to create movement in your life.
  • Gather more productivity tools that will tie everything together.
  • Create a visual map to keep you inspired and on point.

Get your own personal magic wand below…


$499 USD

Get access to these exclusive bonuses when you enroll



I’ll be giving you my best tools for optimal productivity and magic making in these short downloadable workshop videos. You will be amazed at how these simples tools will make you more efficient and more effective in your everyday life.


Desire! I Want more

With this ever popular energizing, inspiring music soundtrack and mantras, you will embody your desires so that you will become an unstoppable miracle magnet. Can be used for walking, running or dancing around your home!


For Manifesting

Join master hypnotherapy coach Shonda Howard as she helps you reprogram your subconscious mind, clearing out limiting beliefs so getting what you want feels easy and accessible. This session is life changing!

Magic happens when you combine brilliant inspiration with practical action.

Hear it from people who’ve created some serious magic…

Within a month I had a plan that is changing the course of my life.

I’m setting goals and truly achieving them week after week. Most importantly, I am a significantly more present mother to my two amazing young boys.

Exploring my deepest desires while confronting my fears and embracing everything that is authentically me began as a cavernous journey of roadblocks at the beginning of Magical Manifesters.

In true champion form, Erin cleared those all aside again and again when I didn’t even think it was possible to go any farther.

I finished stronger, more inspired, more committed, and more ready than I have ever been before. I am more confident than ever about creating the life I want to live.

Everything that Erin has, she will give to you. It’s stunning to be a part of, and one of the most treasured gifts I have ever received.

Stephanie Sisco

This work will give you the tools, inspiration, self awareness and support to make your dreams happen.

I would recommend this work to anyone who wants to make any changes in their life.

I loved that I could do it at my own pace and in my own time. The tools that were provided can be used over and over and applied to other aspects of my life.

I had some huge dreams that I felt extremely connected to making happen, but couldn’t look at them without being terrified of the HOW do I get there. MM helped me break my dreams down into steps so that I could start planting some of the seeds in my garden now and work to continue to make them flourish, grow, and expand little by little.

Laurel Silverman

This class was honestly life changing for me.

I have beat myself up for not having a savings account for honestly 10 years now. That is a lot of self destruction! I have slept easier the last couple of weeks, and I know it’s because I go to bed with the confidence that I can do anything I set my mind to.

I couldn’t have done this without having taken this course to realize what I was doing to myself and how easy all of this can be! I can’t be more thankful for you giving me the courage to move forward with my goals! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

Michelle Owen

Erin’s way of breaking down goals is GENIUS!

She shows you how to materialize it—as opposed to many books out there which only go so far as saying you need to attract it but NEVER dive into the how in a manageable way.

Erin speaks to the common modern man/woman who wants to change themselves / the world / the way they relate to the world but don’t have the framework to map it out.

I applaud her in her ability to take these abstract, sensitive dreams and deconstruct them so that anyone can take action on their ideas.

This course is just divine.

Beri Cohen

I figured if I didn’t do something pro-active to jump start my life, then nothing would happen. I’m so glad that I did it! It was the best money I’ve spent in a long time!

I feel better about myself, and I feel that I can accomplish anything I set out to do. You gave me the means to truly implement some of the positive/spiritual tools I knew about but didn’t know how to use.

Glenn Bermeister

Plain and simple, Erin Stutland is a FORCE OF NATURE, and she generously shares her superpowers with all her clients. Her energy is the same no matter what she’s doing: Energizer Bunny-esque.

All hyperbole aside, as with anything worthwhile, you get out of it what you put in, but if you’re present and ready to WORK and CHANGE (which is scary), Erin will whip you into shape—mind, body, career and probably whatever else you can throw at her.

Christine Cartell

Initially, I was hesitant to sign up for coaching because of my finances. But then I took a moment and realized if I could spend X amount of dollars on going out every week, I could certainly spend some money on showing up for my own life.

I have performed more in the past three months than I have in the past three years. I’ve been cast in a new opera where a role is being written specifically for me. I have made peace with my body and see it as a beautiful machine that is capable of anything, and I have embraced NOW.

Ali Reed

Magical Manifesters gave me all the tools, inspiration, and COMPASSION to spur me into action on some of the biggest and most daunting tasks I’ve been wanting to accomplish—and was afraid to even verbalize.

In MM, I learned that through focus, goodwill, and creativity the universe might give me a little help in return, and it’s working! In the past month I have received three offers to help me realize these goals that I did not even seek out. They seemed to come my way because I was doing my part, my own work to manifest magical happenings. Thank you, Erin, for teaching me to embrace magic and being like my magical fairy godmother! I love what you do!

Nisa Ari

Still have questions? Consider me an open book…

You will need to set aside 2 hours for the live class and about 1 hr or less a week to complete all your homework. (Don’t worry, it’s not like the homework you had in high school. It’s really fun and playful and will move you toward your dreams!)

Tuesday, Oct. 19 @6:30pm ET
Tuesday, Oct. 26 @6:30pm ET
Tuesday, Nov. 2 @6:30pm ET
Tuesday, Nov. 9 @6:30pm ET

I want this to be like old times, when we carved time out of our schedule to be with people for a specific reason. So, I am hoping you are able to join us! However, I get that life is busy and sometimes it’s simply not possible. For that reason, all classes will be recorded and available for download the following morning.

Absolutely nothing!
If you miss a week, you can still join the current live class and go back to the previous lesson at your convenience.

Going through it at your own pace still amounts in success!

That’s the beauty of the live classes. Accountability. I will ask you to keep your camera on. (And as scary as that may seem, it actually helps a lot!) And the even more beautiful thing is that you will be able to download the live classes and worksheets so that they are yours to keep. You will be able to revisit the material when you are ready to dive back in.

I believe accountability is everything.

Because we are doing this course LIVE, I will be checking in on you each week on our calls.

This is not to put you on the spot, but because I want you to feel seen. It’s very easy to escape into your corner of the internet, and I don’t want that to happen here.

I really like getting to know the members of MM. Because the course is so personal, I feel super honored when you share your life with me. I don’t take it for granted and make sure I show up fully for you when you show up with me.

This is precisely what the course will help you figure out. The best part is that it will be based entirely on YOUR value system. So when you figure it out, it is going to feel like a “eureka” moment!


My experience is that if you know exactly what you want, but you haven’t gotten it yet, it is because of one of four things (or all 4).

  1. You haven’t clearly defined it.
  2. You haven’t laid out an easy-to-follow plan of action to get there.
  3. You haven’t eliminated things that aren’t in line with what you want.
  4. Something inside you doesn’t believe it is possible.

This course will address all of those things.

Alright, alright—very few people ask me this question, but honestly? It’s a real fear for so many, and if you’re feeling it, you’re not alone. Being comfortable in the status quo—even if it’s not your ideal—is entirely normal. Until you see what’s on the other side, you won’t know just how good it can be.

Once the program begins, there are no refunds.

Ask yourself this single question: Do you want to stay where you are right now?

I’d bet my next green smoothie that we have an answer. Shoot my team and I an email anytime at

Join me FOR
Magical Manifesters Live

“If you want movement in your life, you need movement in your body. Couple that with Erin’s teachings and you will literally become unstoppable.”