Untamed Hearts "Love" Necklace and the Photoshoot on the streets of NYC.

When I met Julia Bernadsky, a founder of Untamed Hearts, an artist, creative director and strategic consultant, I did not know what to expect. After a couple of brief interactions with her, I shortly came to realize that I met a soul even more caring, daring, and inspiring than mine. She doesn’t just dream of making the world a better place- but instead puts all her might and effort to ensure that peace will reign in this world. 

Our photoshoot above is inspired by an idea of bringing peace-love-and unity to every soul in this world. In order to transform this utopian idea into fruition, the collection “Peace For All” ' incorporates a very powerful ancient tool - Kabbalistic letters. Kabbalah, is an ancient spiritual wisdom that is over 3000 years old, and its purpose is to bring peace and lasting fulfillment to every individual on this planet by bringing an end to pain, chaos, and suffering. At a first glance, we are used to think that

In a traditional sense, letters have always been a tool for communication. Letters comprise an alphabet, which then forms a language, and finally a dialogue usually, between people of the same culture. Kabbalistic letters, act as neutral shapes that have no race, gender, sex, or religion. Due to their intrinsic shape, they are unique channels of positive energy which help to draw down different aspects of the divine presence into this world. They, if you will- provide us with the ability to communicate with the upper worlds, and form a dialogue with the divine. In this collection, three unique combinations of letters are used: Ayin Shin Lamed- stands for Total Freedom, Hey Hey Ayin, for Pure Love, and Mem Yud Hey- brings people together as One Soul. Simply by wearing these pieces, and being aware of the strong positive energy they radiate, you can draw down blessings into your own life and the entire world.

Subconsciously or consciously, I chose to document this spiritual jewelry in the harsh setting of NYC street life- financial district. The juxtaposition of the divine energy and haphazard New York was created on purpose, to show that one may still live in a harsh and pressuring environment of the city yet experience and express such tender feelings as unconditional, and pure love for every soul. It is in the midst of New York city, under the skyscrapers and financial towers do we need true freedom and unity. Peace For All, is a collection aimed toward bringing real change in real time.


My name is Ester Shenkman and I am a fashion stylist/writer, life coach, and Kabbalah student. My true passion in life lies in helping people reach their potential, become better, and find happiness on their path.


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