I Believe in YOU!

My mom always trusted my choices regardless of how crazy & unconventional they might've seemed at the moment.

Instead of judging me, she would often say  “Yes! I like this idea! I know you can do it, I BELIEVE in YOU!”

I think that one of the most beautiful ways we share LOVE is by inspiring another person to be internally free and follow their own path, to make their own unique choices, to have courage to create this life as their very own journey, adventure & experiences.

I feel that sometimes all we need is someone to say “I BELIVE in YOU”

Or, may be we need to say it our ourselves - what do you think?

Now you know the inspiration behind this beautiful new  Believe In You Necklace.

It became one of my favorite pieces. I've been wearing it all the time.

It makes me feel loved, helps me to connect with my strength & certainty, reminds me of what my mom thought me - if I can imagine it, I can create it.

Thank you Mama! ❤️

"Believe in You"

I wonder... do you have people in your life who

might be waiting to hear that from you?



Here is to LOVE and Believing in YOU!

P.S. This is my mom and I 😊Often times our conversations may look something like this: 


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