The Beginning 2

The Beginning...

My name is Boris Bernadsky, I am… actually that’s almost irrelevant in this case, my main role in this story is “Son” of the founder.

So, My mother, Julia Bernadsky, tired of a corporate life, left her very swanky career as the Creative Director of a major company to take control of her life, and give herself a chance to follow her passions.

Out of this change several projects got started, but the one that took off the strongest kind of combined several big things in her life, her love of beauty, her connection to the infinite, and her desire to do good for everyone that she interacts with. And so, Untamed Hearts was born. I’m sure I am missing some details here, but that’s how it looked like from my perspective.
Briefly, Untamed Hearts is a brand, our first product is a collection of beautiful jewelry that inspires everyone who puts it on. 
People are drawn to it, and once experience wearing it, feel the love that my mom and her partner in this project, Nitzan, who is a reiki master and a person who works with and holds the energy for all of us (he will have a whole article about his role in this) inject into each piece of jewelry.
Now back to my role here. Ever since my mom started working on this project, the people that were drawn to help make it a reality were fascinating.
Everyone from professional models to neighbors to former co-workers were coming to help with photoshoots or to model the jewelry.

Great musicians were excited to wear and flaunt the jewelry. Some of Untamed Hearts pieces even ended up on the runways of Colombia, being paired with clothing from Argemiro Sierra’s 2016 collection.
To make everything happen, we turned my former room into a photo studio and the living room into a showroom.

We set up a little factory with my Grandparents happily putting finishing touches on certain pieces, I did a little modeling, and did some couriering of materials to the jewelry makers, and my dad (my parents have been divorced since I was 5) collaborated as the photographer. My childhood friend chipped in to help my mom manifest her vision for the website.

Even our cat Bonya took breaks from his naps to crash the photoshoot to model a bit, and make sure that everyone was doing their work, and to lighten the mood when it got too serious.
My mom’s magnetic passion helped to bring this all together, and I am very excited about the official launch of Untamed Hearts on Thursday June 16th. I can’t wait to see how people react to her vision, so far it’s been great, and the response and support we received from everyone involved has been overwhelming.
If you are reading this before Thursday, please come out to the launch event, the info is below:

See you then!
 -Boris Bernadsky  /  06.14.2016  /  NYC