Choose Compassion For All Beings Tote Bag - Frida

$ 46.00
  • Choose Compassion For All Beings Tote Bag - Frida

Choose Compassion For All Beings Tote Bag - Frida

$ 46.00


This beautiful, Made in America, Tote Bag is part of the "Choose Compassion" Project started by Untamed Hearts. f those who so desperately need protection. We are dreaming of the time when the World will Choose Compassion To All Living Beings (including yourself).

About Frida:

Frida is a very lucky girl who was rescued and brought to NY from Guatemala by 2 acupuncturists who were on the mission there in 2017. Frida almost died a few times in her life. When she finally came to NY we discovered that she needs a hip replacement surgery. Something went wrong during the surgery and Frida lost her back leg. We still say she is very lucky! After all she is now running and jumping and is very well adjusted to her new body. She is lucky to be part of the a family who loves her so much. But this story would've never happen unless someone would pick Frida up from the streets of Guatemala. And now, Frida is raising money for the rescue place, back in in the town she was born, so more dogs and cats could have happy stories to tell. 

Percentage  from the Frida Bag sales are going to be donated, on Frida's behalf.

Tote Bag Details:

This practical high quality Tote Bag is made from durable materials and is available in three sizes:
.: Size Large:  18 x 18
.: Size Medium:  16 x 16
.: Size Small:  13 x 13
.: Fabric: 100% Polyester
.: Handles: Black cotton
.: Black lining
.: Created with love in America